If you’re here, you’re ready to uplevel your business.

You’re ready to share your brilliance with the world. You’re ready to get clarity on your value in the marketplace. You’re ready for a brand strategy that works -- for you. You’re ready to share your message with the people who need you.

You're ready for The Sizzle System Branding Bootcamp!

Deep down you're ready for a change, but you’re not sure how to move forward. You’re struggling to pinpoint what you stand for, and you’re struggling to get people to choose you over your competitor.

In fact, you’ve been struggling for a while, and you’re wondering what you’re doing wrong. You thought you would be further along by now. You're wondering why clients aren't hiring you.

It could be that clients aren’t hiring you because they're not certain what you do and how you solve their problems. Until they know for sure what you stand for, or how you differ from your competition, they're not sure why you're any different than the next person who does what you do.

You need to find ways to STAND OUT and GET NOTICED so you attract clients like moths to a flame.

This is why you need to get clear on your branding.

Your branding is the foundation of your business. 

I've seen it time and time again. Many business owners jump in without investing the time it takes to figure out who you are, whom you serve and how you help others. Your messaging is all over the place; you know what you’re trying to say but you don’t know how to say it in a way that communicates the value you bring to others.

Does this sound familiar?

Here's what I discovered:

To build a successful business, you have to be clear about who you are, what you offer & what you stand for – that’s your personal brand.

If you don’t figure that out first, you’re going to leave your audience confused and unwilling to buy from you.

Before you come up with one more package, program or service. Before you start creating a new website or write one more Call to Action, get clear on why people should hire you. Begin by asking yourself, What is the value you bring? What do you stand for? Who needs you? What can you do to attract those clients with ease – instead of out of desperation?

The first thing you can do is work on your personal brand. When you have a clearly defined personal brand, building a successful business comes a lot easier and a lot quicker.

From your business card to your elevator speech to your website, everything you put out there has to tie together in a consistent, cohesive marketing package that reflects who you are and why people should hire you. If your message and your look are ambiguous and inconsistent, it’s time to get clear and I want to help you get there!

Why Work With Me?

With nearly 25 years of experience as a Visibility Strategist and Branding Expert, let’s just say, I know a thing or two about personal branding.What sets me apart is my combination of experience and training in time-tested tactics. I hold an M.A. in Public Relations which gives me a unique take on personal branding. I focus on creating an image you want the public to see and identify with, defining your market and finding the right platform to establish yourself as the "go-to" expert in your field.

My experience as a graphic designer, writer and photographer allows me to help my clients leverage a holistic marketing strategy to transform their image and redefine their marketing messaging.

In the Sizzle System Branding Bootcamp Group Program, I’ve condensed and shared my knowledge to get you on the fast track to creating a personal brand that gives you the courage and conviction to attract clients with ease, saving you the time and energy -- and the mistakes -- it takes to learn this on your own!

But here's what's really important:

I am PASSIONATE about helping purpose-driven women get their gifts out into the world and monetize them. As an entrepreneur for nearly 11 years, I understand the ups and downs of business. I want to help you avoid having too many "downs" and I know that building a strong foundation will keep you in the "ups" more frequently.

Success is not about the nuts and bolts of business; it's more about pushing through the limiting beliefs that keep us stuck and small.

I want to see every woman Sizzle with an "I am all that" mindset, and a clearly defined brand arms you with the confidence to get out in a bigger way.

I love really getting to know my clients. My secret superpower is VISION: my ability to “see” their brilliance and find the best ways for them to stand out. You see, it took me a long, long time to find my own Sizzle Factor and I don't want you to have to wait so long.

I get that you want a BRAND strategy that feels right for your business.

You want to attract clients effortlessly, without feeling like you're chasing them down.

You want your business to be the means of living a life of passion and abundance – and freedom, and your Branding will help you get there!

In only 8 short weeks you'll be on your way to having a BRAND that works like a client-attraction magnet! What's that worth to you? GET STARTED TODAY!
Two Convenient Investment Options

Pay in Full


Pay in full and save!

Payment Plan


Pay in 3 installments at $377

Spaced 21 days apart! (Total $1131)

I’m going to help you with all of this.

I’ve created a program that combines transformative content and concrete strategies to provide a clear brand blueprint for your business.

The Sizzle System Branding Bootcamp Group Program will luminously guide you through the process of branding your business so you can get clear on what you offer and make your audience come running for your products.

I’ve design this program to help you create a RED HOT personal brand from the INSIDE OUT that attracts the clients you want to serve – in only 8 quick weeks!

This program is juicy + I want to give you exactly what you need to succeed. You could spend thousands of dollars going back to school and you still wouldn’t have the blueprint you’ll get in just 8 weeks with The Sizzle System Branding Bootcamp. It’s like a course in Business 101. It's comprehensive, content-rich and action-packed! You’ll get the tools that will help you build a personal brand that aligns with who you are, so you can get your message out to the world, authentically and confidently, and start making real money!

During the course of 8 weeks, you'll receive:

  • 6 60-minute training calls, one for each of the 6 modules (Valued at $1200).
  • Worksheets and exercises: To help you gain clarity on who you are, determine who your dream client is, create a visual identity that will attract your dream client, and find the best way to get you in front of your dream client (Valued at $297)
  • Templates: To help you create marketing copy that converts -- for your 30-second commercial, your Sizzlin' Brand Story, your web copy and everything else you put out (Valued at $200)
  • Customizable, easy-to-implement strategies: This feature is for perfect for the Do-It-Yourselfer or the natural delegator (aka feel free to share them with your team) (Value: Priceless).
  • Built in accountability: Weekly assignments designed to get you out of our comfort zone and into inspired action – NOW (Valued at $297)!
  • Recordings of all the calls to listen to at your convenience (Valued at $300).
  • 2 weeks dedicated to Q&A with 60-minute calls and unlimited email support (Valued at $997).

Total program valued at $3250+

The Sizzle System 8-week Branding Bootcamp explores these 6 modules:

With each 60-minute training call there's time at the end for Q&A. These calls are recorded so you’ll have them to listen to over and over at your leisure.

But how does that work if it’s a 8-week program . . .

Although there are 6 training calls, I've added in ...

-- 2 BONUS Q&A Weeks: I am gifting you with TWO additional Q&A calls one after Module 3 -- the half-way point -- and one after Module 6. These calls are dedicated to you, and I will be available to address your individual concerns. They'll give you a chance to implement what you learn while still being part of the group.

-- UNLIMITED EMAIL ACCESS During the Q&A weeks I'll also be available to answer your burning questions, privately. This can include a peek at your website or your marketing materials. You can also run your new marketing messaging past me. As long as it relates to your personal brand, the options are wide open.

-- A PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP -- The Sizzle-preneurs Network -- where you can post comments, solicit feedback, and create camaraderie with like-hearted, like-minded entrepreneurs. You'll have the support of me and everyone else in the group!

Why you need this:

You’ve got this idea that business starts with a logo. Too many overly eager entrepreneurs waste time, effort and money because they didn't do the inner work first.

You've been in business for a bit and have exhausted what feels like every marketing technique known & you’re still not getting the results you want. Get your branding in place before your marketing to increase your ROI!

You just want to have a thriving business. It seems to come so easily for everyone else, and you can't figure out why it's so hard for you.

You’re starting to feel hopeless, overwhelmed or maybe like this business thing wasn’t such a good idea after all. But deep down, you know you can make it work. You have to make it work. You’re just not sure how to go about doing that.

You’re floundering in a lack of clarity, so your wishy-washy messaging is keeping you stuck in the feast or famine cycle.

Or maybe you're just starting out in business and you want to get it right from the start!

The Sizzle System is Right For You If...

  • You're ready for accelerated results from an experienced, results-orientated branding expert.
  • You're ready for a clear strategy to show prospects the value you bring.
  • You believe your brand is limited to your logo, website colors, business cards, and tagline. It's so much more than that.
  • You want to change the way you do business to attract high-end clients with ease.
  • You're an action taker whose chomping at the bit to get out in a bigger way -- you're ready to get seen, get heard, and get PAID!

This Isn't For You If...

  • You don't have a firm business idea.
  • You're looking for a quick fix.
  • You're not committed to doing the work it takes to grow a successful business.

    You're also going to receive these SIZZLIN' Bonuses! (Valued at $3279+)

    The G.E.I.C.O.™ formula of Copywriting
    ($297 Value)

    Learn to write like the pros with G.E.I.C.O.™, Carol Ann’s coveted 5-step process  to write marketing copy that speaks to your Dream Clients'  needs and gets them to take action.

    Media Release templates and samples ($397 Value)

    Public relations is a great way to get free publicity, but it's not free when you have to pay high-priced professionals to do it for you. This template and examples will enable you to BE that professional, saving you hundreds of dollars!

    Membership into the Sizzle-preneurs Network private FB group

    Here you’ll be able to share ideas and get feedback from your peers in the program, and Carol Ann will be available for feedback as well. It’s a great way to build camaraderie with entrepreneurs just like yourself!

    Facebook LIVE accountability and implemenation check-ins to make sure you stay on track
    (Mon-Fri, $497 Value)

    2 DEDICATED weeks of Q&A: 60-minute phone call and private email support ($497 Value)

    This is where you’ll get help with your individual branding needs.

    Worksheets, templates, scripts, and exercises that will help you stand out, get seen, get heard, and get clients! ($997 Value)

    30-minute 1:1 Money Breakthrough Method™ Call ($197 Value)

    This program will not be available again at this low price!

    Grab your spot before it's gone!
    Two Convenient Investment Options

    Pay in Full


    Pay in Full and save!

    Payment Plan


    Pay in 3 installments at $377

    Spaced 21 days apart! (Total $1131)

    'I can now network with confidence - thanks to my targeted messaging!'

    "Before working with Carol Ann, my business messaging lacked focus and direction. With The Sizzle System, Carol Ann helped me better define myself and my business goals. She helped me realize that marketing my business is not about me or my accomplishments. It’s about how my experience can help others with marketing their own product or business. Recreating my personal brand is exactly what I needed to be ‘red hot’ and passionate again. Thank you Carol Ann for your guidance and wisdom to help me rediscover what makes me sizzle."

    Monica Pietras Graphic Designer and Owner, Pietras Design

    Choose what's right for you!
    Two Convenient Investment Options

    Pay in Full


    Pay in Full at $997

    Payment Plan


    Pay in 3 installments of $377

    Spaced 21 days apart! (Total $1131)

    *We started on November 2 but it's not too late for you to join! We're accepting enrollments through 3 p.m. on November 9. You'll get the recording from Module 1 along with all 5 worksheets for the week. PLUS, you'll get a 30-minute 1:1 call for Carol Ann to walk you through them! You'll also get immediate access to The Sizzle-preneurs Network, our private Facebook group.  

    Your Top Questions Answered!

    When does The Sizzle System Branding Bootcamp start, and how will it work? +

    Our weekly training calls begin on Wednesday, November 2, at 4 p.m. If you miss the first training, no worries. You can still join and receive the recording and worksheets so you'll have plenty of time to catch up!

    There will be two bonus Q&A weeks; One after Module 2, and the other after Module 6.

    All materials, worksheets, and other resources, including the call-in info, will be posted in our private Facebook group, The Sizzle-preneurs Network. Each module comes with its own workbook that you'll access before each call.

    A link to the recordings will be available within 24 hours of each training and you'll be able to download them to any device for convenient listening.

    How long will I have access to the program? +

    This program is designed to be an intensive, and will run over the course of 8 weeks.

    You'll be able to download all of the templates, worksheets, and resources from our Facebook group so you will have life-long access to these materials.

    I get it. Life happens.

    For that reason, I will record all of our calls so you can access them at your leisure and refer to them as needed.

    I have a busy schedule. How much time will it take me to complete the activities each week? +

    You can expect to invest 2-3 hours weekly (including listening to the calls and completing the worksheets). The worksheets are designed for you to complete on your own, so you can take time and work on them at your leisure; however, we will review them on the calls. The Q&A weeks will give you a "breather" from new content and will allow you to catch up on the exercises if you fall behind. Although there is a lot of content, you can pick and choose what is important to you. Each module includes accountability assignments designed to move you forward fast, so you want to make sure you do those! You'll also receive time management tips, because while entrepreneurship should not be all-consuming, you do have to structure your time to make it work!

    I need a logo. Will this program provide that? +

    The Sizzle System group program is about brand strategy and provides a guideline to creating a personal brand. It does not include done-for-you services, such as logo or website design, nor is it a “how-to” design course. However, it does provide information useful to creating some of your marketing on your own, and resources for hiring professionals to do it for you.

    PS. The Sizzle System is THE most comprehensive branding program around. There are many “branding experts” out there but not many that measure up in the value they provide.

    PPS. The best part about The Sizzle System Branding Bootcamp, next to coming away with a complete brand strategy in only 8 weeks? It is a lot of FUN! Because it’s a group program that is delivered live, you’ll create connections and be part of a community of like-hearted entrepreneurs that care about your success!

    PPPS. Ask any successful entrepreneur: If you're serious about being seen as the "GO-TO" EXPERT in your field -- there is no doubt about it -- you've got to invest in yourself!